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Voda Group develops a core set of guiding principles targeting investments with low volatility and high returns, resulting in strong performance throughout the economic cycle.   Our success in the industry has fueled our growth and strengthened our strategic partnerships.



Voda Group has a great ability to investigate and detect areas with a very strong growing potential, for real estate development.
Our clients appreciate the greatrelationship and team work atmosphere, always working side by side with our associates.
We also have extensive experience in viability studies and market analysis, considering specific areas, and finding strategic points at the beginning of growth

Investment Management

Investment Management

Voda Group every client is unique. It is only by getting to know you, and developing a clear picture of your circumstances, objectives, and challenges, that we can create the most effective investment strategy for you.

Managing and growing your hard-earned money is key to a secure future. It requires a strong grounding in financial principles and a deep understanding of market conditions. Investment Management is an on-going process of understanding your financial goals, determining your optimum portfolio, then monitoring and adjusting as necessary over time.

Construction Management

Construction Management

Voda Group offers a variety of services that include preconstruction, general construction and owner representation. We manage the budget, by integrating our estimates, construction process and development through fully researched construction documents.
In addition, our team gives the benefit of simplified communication and rapid response in all matters related to construction

Voda Group


Voda Group brings not only considerable financial strength to the US market, but also a passion for working with the best architects and designers in the world. 


Our Projects

The design and architecture of Voda Group is looking to merge the peaceful environment of the bay with a contemporary lifestyle, offering a high level of comfort and tranquility for its residents.

Voda Group

Business Partner

Voda Group joins VanDyk Mortgage Corporation and we strive to be the best business partner in the business. Our goal is to provide our clients and partners with superior services and quality resources so that they can grow together with us. We understand the importance of each individual loan and we recognize that an euphoric customer is the heart of our business.



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